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Choca Vlok Mix
Choca Flakes 300g
Sicof Apple  Butter 350g
Friesche Vlag  Kitchen Syrup	 500g
Zeeuwse  Kitchen Syrup	 500g
Quino Sprinkles  Dark or Light 300g
De Ruijter  Anise Hail	300g
De Ruijter Xtra-Dark Hail	 200g
De Ruijter  Fruit Hail	300g
Lotus Speculoos  Breadspread	 400g
Hero Extra Jam  4 Fruit 340gr
Hero Extra Jam  Apricot 340gr
Hero Extra Jam  Black Cherry 340gr
Hero Extra Jam  Blueberry 340gr
Hero Extra Jam  Ginger 340gr
Hero Extra Jam  Raspberry 340gr
Van Glise  Glucose Syrup  Yellow	500g
De Ruijter Vlokfleest mix 200g
De Ruijter  Choc. Hail 400g Milk & pure
Pink or  Blue mix  with witte muisjes  280 gr
Calve Peanut  Butter Smooth  350g
Calve Peanut  Butter met  stukjes Pinda 600g
De Ruijter  Gestampt  Muisjes 200 g
Hero Extra  Jam  Strawberry 340gr  & 600gr
De Ruijter Hail  Multipack	80g
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