We are Arend and Sonja Snoeijer. We have two children Dennis and Ilona.  We came from Holland to Canada  in 2006 on a work permit.  We worked on a farm in Alberta for about two and a half years. Once we obtained permanent residents status we started to look for a business to call our own.  In October 2008 we bought the Gas Barn and Dutch Store in Owen Sound, Ontario. We saw the opportunity to sell all kinds of goodies from Holland ranging from groceries, toys, textiles, products for in the house, for the garden as well as foot wear.  We welcome our customers to browse through the store and ask questions and we do our best to give helpful answers.  We will always put great effort in finding what our customers ask for. We do our best to place special orders for specific products or a way to help with any needs.  We work hard to serve our customers either with the Dutch products or outside at the gas pumps.

About Us


We have items in our store that are sure to bring back some good memories to many.  Of course we have the real wooden shoes, miniature delfts blue windmills, Opa and Oma, Papa and Mama mugs, and Ragebollen (a long corner and wall brush for spider webs).  Much of the food triggers memories of family, friends and occasions.

Every year Sinterklaas comes to the store to spread holiday cheer, pepernoten and candies.  He also checks to make sure young and old behaved this year and thoroughly checks his book.  We celebrate his arrival on the Saturday before December 5th.  Once December nears us on the calendar, we stock up on pepernoten, Taai-Taai, chocolate letters (milk and dark) and other tasty treats.

To make every Christmas merry, we sell many seasonal treats, and decorations.  We have the almond rings (kerst kransen), Christmas bread (kerststollen) with or without almond spice, and other sugary treats.  There are many delfts blue Christmas tree ornaments as well.  Our delfts blue makes for a great Christmas gifts as do our Dutch Soccer T-shirts, sweaters, hats and scarves.

Hanover Owen Sound
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